Wise Enough to Worship

Posted on Dec 18, 2020 | 0 comments

4th Sunday of AdventThey were wise enough to worship, these three kings. We finish our series of Faces at the Manger with the last ones at the manger on that holy night–  the wise men.


The wise men bring their best gifts to worship the Christ child.

As Mary and Joseph taught us obedience…and the shepherds taught us faith…so there are lessons to be learned from the wise men.

Hear these lessons from the words of Rev. Linda as she tells us about the journey of the Magi—who they were and why they came—as we light the 4th Advent candle in honor of the wise men.

Advent CandlesIf you are not familiar with the United Methodist traditions of Advent, please take a few moments to learn more and enhance your Advent journey this year as we examine the faces at the manger.

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