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The cross of crucifixion in darknessThree days ago, four syllables marked the end of the world for the followers of Jesus. With three little words, all their hopes for the coming of the Kingdom of God crashed to the ground. Three words from their dying Leader broke their hearts, crushed their spirits, destroyed their dreams. It is finished.

They had lost. Hate and sin and bigotry and fear had won. The Lord of life and love and freedom was slain. Evil had triumphed. But on Easter morning, the three words that echoed in the empty tomb were a shout of victory.


Good has triumphed over evil. Life has defeated death. The Son of God was victorious over the sons of men. Jesus’ resurrection was proof positive that love is victorious.

Crucifixion was the cruelest, most inhumane, most excruciating method of death ever devised by mankind. It was a punishment reserved for slave and habitual, unrepentant, hardened criminals. Yet Jesus—the perfect, sinless, guiltless Son of God was nailed to a cross for what??? For murder or adultery or stealing or idol worship? No. He was crucified because He loved us.

On the cross, the love of God conquered the sin of man. In Jesus’ death, the price was paid for our sin and self-centeredness. LOVE WON!! Our forgiveness was purchased once and for all!The cross is a symbol of victorious love!

When Jesus rose from the dead on that first Easter morning, His disciples and followers saw with their own eyes that the agape love of God conquers death. Love is Life and Jesus was the very personification of love.

Love is victorious. Because of God’s love, conquered man’s hatred and sin that nailed Jesus to the cross. God’s love overcame death and doubt. Jesus was the love of God in human form. Hatred, sin, the bitterness and pettiness of man could not destroy him. Death, doubt and despair cold not stop the overwhelming victory of God’s love

Children of God, the cross is empty and so is the tomb. The message of Easter—the message of our faith—is simply this—

HE HAS RISEN!!! LOVE is victorious!

Scriptures Used in Today’s Message
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