Love Is…Healing

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Love Is…Healing

The Cross is the healing for our hearts

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God created us with both a need and a capacity to love. Unlike any other creature in god’s universe, only you and I NEED love in order to survive. Without love, we are easily broken by the trials of life, easily alienated from one another, easily destroyed mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Love is the healing balm that God has provided for our broken lives. 

By love, our bruised and battered spirits are mended. It binds up the wounds caused by life’s inconsistencies. Love provides unity in a world often fragmented by sin and self-centeredness. It lifts up the down trodden and prods the indifferent.

Four kinds of Healing Love

Spiritual – Receiving the forgiveness of God for our sin, is release from guilt, freedom from anxiety, healing of bitterness and resentment.

Emotional – The agape love of God cuts right through the scar tissue of failure and can give victims of self-fulfilling prophecy the courage and faith to try again. By Jesus’ death of Calvary, God is saying loud and clear, “I believe in YOU. You are worth something to me. Nothing is impossible to you if you’ll only believe.”

Hands and heartRelationship – There are times when all of us need a healing in our relationships with one another. We say the wrong thing, in the wrong way, at the wrong time (ever done that?) and there is a split in the relationship. It is healing to know that God’s love demonstrated on Calvary can flow not only to us but also through us to others who are hurting, too.

Physical – A lack of love for ourselves and others often leads to poor health habits, sickness, and even death. We have all met people whose physical distress could be the result of unforgiveness, hostility, anger and hatred—people who could experience a noticeable improvement, if not a total healing, by coming into contact with the love of God through one daring disciple.

True agape love is healing. God’s love as shown on Calvary gives us a positive outlook on life. Someone DOES care. Someone DOES love us, Someone DOES think we are important. GOD DOES!! As we experience Calvary love ourselves, we must be ready to share that healing love with those around us who need to be healed spiritually, emotionally, relationally and physically.

Love is healing…TRY IT!

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