Here Comes Da’ Judge!

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Here Comes Da Judge!

Have you ever heard the phrase Here Comes Da’ Judge? During the late 1970’s, it was a favorite saying of American youth. Now it is the title of this morning’s message – Here Comes Da’ Judge! For many Christians, judgement is a difficult topic. But that has never stopped Rev. Linda from helping us to understand it.

Jesus talked about judgement. Even challenged his followers about the subject. And yet, we still shy away from the subject. This week, Rev. Linda answers a few key questions about the our own judgment.

  1. Are Christians going to be judged along with unbelievers?
  2. On what will Christians be judged?
  3. Will we Christians lose our heavenly reward?

You can download the documents to follow along and enrich your worship time. And you can access all of the scripture references are provided for you to look up as well.

Scriptures for today:

Let us know your thoughts on the subject!

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