Faces at the Manger: Shepherds

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ShepherdsAmong the faces at the manger were the shepherds. They were not important people. There is no record of their names or their hometowns. They were just Shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night (LUKE 2:8). Yet, they teach us so much about faith.

From the shepherds, we learn about pure, unquestioning, unhesitating faith. They heard the message from the angels about the Savior and they believed! Not only that, they went WITH HASTE to see the child.

What would you do? Would you have accepted the heavenly vision of angels as a miracle—a sign directly from heaven—or as just a dream? Can you accept their story without having proof? Would we be so enraptured by the newborn in the hay to fall on our knees? Not likely. We may have dismissed their tale as a drunken dream. We would have asked for a birth certificate for proof that this was “the Son of God.”

Shepherds were some of the faces at the manger. Listen as Rev. Linda guides us through the part of the old-yet-ever-new Christmas story and worship the Lord Jesus.

Advent Candle 3

This week we light the 3rd candle of the Advent season. Hope and faith are the focus for our reflection.

Memoriam CandleWe also take a few moments to remember Marian Miller, who went home to heaven this week at the age of 97. Marian was a member of Maple United Methodist since 1982.

Scripture: Luke 2:8-20 (King James Version)

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