Bumping Into Angels

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Bumping Into Angels

On this first Sunday of Eastertide –  with Lent 2021 a memory and Easter now a living reality, only one question remains “Now what” Where do we go from here?” 

For Mary, the question of Now what? Took her down a different path.  For her, the answer was much more simple.  She became the first “bearer of good news” of the resurrection.  She raced back to the upper room where the disciples were grieving the death of the Master with the message – I HAVE SEEN THE LORD.  Mary became a “WITNESS” to the most profound event in human history.

When the disciples joined Jesus on the mountain top outside of Jerusalem, forty days after He walked out of the garden tomb, He gave them their marching orders for the future.  After they received the promised Holy Spirit, Jesus said – YOU WILL BE MY WITNESSES….TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.

Easter 2021 is past.

We have seen the empty cross. We have visited the empty tomb.  With Mary and the others we have “bumped into an angel” that brings us news of a risen Savior …a resurrected Jesus…a living Lord.  That is “good news” worth sharing because as the song reminds us – “Every morning is Easter morning from now on…”

Scriptures Used in Today’s Message

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